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KofNova - Cough Syrup
KofNova - Cough Syrup KofNova - Cough Syrup KofNova - Cough Syrup KofNova - Cough Syrup

KofNova - Cough Syrup

Effective Relief from Cough

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KofNova - Cough Syrup

Cough is a very common problem found in kids, teenagers, and adults. It is caused due to low immune system and inflammation. SAPTNOVA KofNova Cough Syrup is an effective tonic for throat infections and cough. It is developed from natural ingredients that may not harm the body in any manner.

Many factors lead to coughs such as Asthma, gas, Bronchitis, and throat infections. It is one of the most dangerous respiratory disorders that run for a long time. Extra production of mucus in the nose causes cough. It is necessary to remove cough to prevent lung infections.

Consuming Cough Syrup of KofNova daily will give long-term relief from cough. It is one of the best Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines for kids and adults as well.

What makes SAPTNOVA KofNova Cough Syrup Special?

SAPTNOVA introduces Ayurvedic Cough Syrup made from natural herbs and plants. It is special in many ways such as:

  • This medicine is developed from natural herbs and plants.
  • It is developed in GMP Certified Manufacturing Plant in clean conditions as per the highest industry standards.
  • There is no harm in taking this cough syrup because of Herbal ingredients.
  • It includes premium quality ingredients picked from nature with organic compounds.
  • Natural ingredients work effectively in the body to eliminate mucus and cough.

Why choose SAPTNOVA KofNova Cough Syrup?

SpatNova is the Best cough syrup for those who suffer from whooping cough, Asthma, and other respiratory problems. There are many reasons to choose this syrup such as:

  • This syrup includes anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation.
  • It is a cough medicine for kids and does not cause harmful ill effects in the body.
  • This syrup helps in reducing throat infections and sore throat.
  • It helps in relieving bronchitis and cold.
  • This herbal syrup helps in removing toxins from the respiratory system and improving its functions.
  • This natural syrup reduces throat irritation and other respiratory disorders.
  • It is also helpful for those who suffer from frequent throat irritation and infection.

SAPTNOVA KofNova Cough Syrup Benefits

Cough Medicine of SAPTNOVA boosts the functioning of the respiratory system. They also give many other benefits such as:

  1. SAPTNOVA Cough Syrup helps to reduce throat infections. It is an effective Cough Syrup for people suffering from mucus, Asthma, and cough.
  2. You can consume this Honey based Cough Syrup to get rid of mucus and cough.
  3. It is a natural cough syrup that relieves from all kind of cough.
  4. This natural syrup improves the functions of the respiratory system.
  5. You can consume this herbal syrup to get rid of various breathing problems. 

Saptnova KofNova Key Ingredients and Benefits



1.     Kantakari

Extracts of Kantakari help to relieve cough, Asthma, and other respiratory disorders.

2.     Unnab

Unnab helps to strengthen the immune system and enhance the nervous system.

3.     Sugar

Sugar helps to improve gut health. It also increases energy levels in the body.

4.     Kakra Singhi

Extracts of Kakra Singhi help in relieving cough and improving the respiratory system. They also relieve whooping cough and cold.

5.     Lasoda

Lasoda helps in eliminating cough from the body.

6.     Honey

Honey helps in removing bacteria from the body. It also reduces the problem of cough.

7.     Vasaka

Extracts of Vasaka help to reduce throat infections and relieve cough and cold.

8.     Tulsi

Tulsi helps to reduce headaches and remove cough from the respiratory system.

9.     Talispatra

Talispatra helps to relieve cough and cold. It also relieves fever and improves digestion.

10.    Neelgiri

Neelgiri helps to relieve respiratory problems and fever.

11.   Satpudina

Satpudina helps to reduce headaches and remove cough.

12.   Gajwan

Gajwan extracts help to Boost immune system and remove cough.

13.   Giloy

Giloy extracts reduce throat infections and combat cough and cold.

14.   Panjad

Extracts of Pan jad help to relieve gastritis and improve the respiratory system.

15.   Sooth

Sooth extracts may help to relieve inflammation in the throat and chest. It also helps to remove mucus from the chest.

16.   Haldi

Haldi helps in fighting against cough and cold.

Remaining KofNova Cough Syrup 

The other ingredients in KofNova Cough Syrup include Kali Mirch, Nosadar, Lavang dandi, Mulethi, Khwaji, Haspatri, Dalchini, and Amaltaas. These ingredients are effective in removing mucus and improving the respiratory system. They are observed in the labs by medical experts and top doctors. These ingredients are safe for consumption and give instant relief from respiratory problems like cough and throat irritation. 

Cough Syrup FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.     How to use SAPTNOVA KofNova Cough Syrup?

You can consume 1 to 2 teaspoons of SAPTNOVA KofNova syrup daily. For adults, the dose prescribed is 10 ml whereas kids must take ½ teaspoon or 2.5 ml of syrup with water. Do not exceed the dose as you might suffer from some side effects.

2.     Is Tulsi Good for Cough?

Yes, Tulsi extracts are very effective in relieving cough and cold. They relieve allergies and inflammation and reduce flu in the body. This cough and cold medicine contain Tulsi that help to remove mucus from the chest and enhance the working of the respiratory system. It also relieves inflammation and removes bacteria from the body.

3.     How can I Cure Cough?

Cough occurs due to the high production of mucus by the nose. There are many natural remedies to cure cough such as nasal sprays and using cough syrups. SAPTNOVA KofNova is the Best Cough Syrup to get long-term relaxation from cough. It reduces sore throat and infections within some days. You can also get a healthy respiratory system by daily use of this medicine. It is the best cough medicine for adults and kids as well. This medicine has no harmful side effects.

4.     How long does Cough Syrup Take to Work?

KofNova from SAPTNOVA is the best cough syrup that works faster than other products in the body. This cough syrup may also take a longer time to work in some people who are in heavy antibiotic doses and alcoholic. Normally, it takes about 30 minutes to work in removing cough and mucus from the respiratory system. It is the best syrup for the dry cough to consume daily. 

Very effective

This syrup is very very effective It was recommended to me for my daughter and trust me it did miracle Hundred percent recommendation.

Deepa joshi


Very effective syrup. Hundred percent recommendation.

Deepa joshi

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