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Liver Care

Herbal & Ayurvedic Liver Care Supplements for Liver Problems

Liver care is very important for the smooth functioning of the whole body. These days, people suffer from various liver problems such as liver cirrhosis and hepatitis. Liver problems affect your digestive system as well. They also weaken the immune system and make your body weak day by day.

Saptnova’s YakritNova liver care syrup and capsules cleanse the liver and improve the digestive system. These products include Ayurvedic ingredients and herbs. They also remove toxins from the liver and make it stronger than before. You can consume these products for a long time because of natural ingredients and Ayurvedic elements. 

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YakritNova - Liver & Enzyme Syrup
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YakritNova - Liver & Enzyme Capsule

Why is liver care important for the body?

The liver plays a vital role in strengthening your body. It is responsible for the smooth flow of blood and energy in the body. Healthy liver leads to a healthy immune system and increases resistance power to combat bacteria and viruses. The liver also produces proteins in the body.

Healthy liver contributes to the wellbeing of the person. It also gives many other benefits such as:

1. Removal of toxins from the body

The healthy liver eliminates toxins and impurities from the body. It also reduces problems of the liver caused due to type 2 diabetes. You will get better levels of stamina in the body with a healthy liver.

2. Regulates blood clotting

People with healthy liver have proper blood clotting. They also get quick relief from major injuries and wounds.

3.  Results in weight loss

People with healthy liver get speedy metabolism in the body. Proper functioning of the liver will help to burn extra calories of the body and give a slim figure. You will also get relief from stubborn body fats for a long time. Moreover, healthy liver reduces obesity and other issues related to weight gain.

4. Increases energy levels

The smooth functioning of the liver increases energy in the body. You will feel energetic and active for the full day with a healthy liver. People with strong livers do not get tired after gym workouts or daily exercises. They also get a quick recovery after workouts of the gym.

5. Healthy skin

A healthy liver has a positive impact on your skin. It helps to remove toxins and wastes of skin and makes it flawless and attractive. Besides, people with healthy livers also have beautiful and healthy hair. Proper liver functions strengthen the roots of the hair and make it look shiny and beautiful.

Best Ayurvedic Medicines For Fatty Liver and Liver Detox

SaptNova makes some of the best Liver Care products for reducing liver problems. Let us have a look at both the products of SaptNova for liver care.

  • YakritNova-Liver & Enzyme Syrup

This syrup contains a rich amount of natural ingredients such as Amla, Pitpapda, Ajwain, and others. It helps to reduce problems such as alcohol consumption and obesity. Natural herbs of syrup help to promote liver health and detoxify the liver. It also safeguards liver cells from inflammation and free radical damage. This syrup helps to boost the immune system and improves the respiratory system.

  • YakritNova- Liver & Enzyme capsules

These capsules from YakritNova are effective for Liver Health Care. They are filled with extract of Triphala, Chitraka, Bhuiamla, and so on. You can consume this Ayurvedic and herbal medicine daily to get better liver health. These capsules detoxify the liver and remove impurities.


  • How to get healthy liver naturally?

There are several ways to get a healthy liver. You must consume a balanced diet containing vitamins and proteins. Apart from that, you must also avoid alcohol consumption and smoking to get a healthy liver. It is necessary to do regular exercises and maintain the proper weight of the body. Taking herbal liver medicine of SaptNova will also make your liver healthier.

  • What are the signs of a weak liver?

Some common symptoms of the weak liver include tiredness and fatigue in the body. Dull skin and low stamina levels are other signs of a weak liver. You can cure these liver problems with the regular use of YakritNova capsules and syrup. These products are effective herbal liver care medicines for people with weak liver and weak immune systems.

  • Which foods are beneficial for healthy liver?

Maintaining a balanced diet is necessary for a healthy liver. You must include tea, blueberries, beetroot juice, green leafy veggies, fish, and nuts for gaining healthy liver. You can combine your diet with YakritNova liver care capsules to get better results in the body. These capsules are good Ayurvedic Medicine for fatty liver. They detoxify your liver and improve the working of the digestive tract as well.

  • Does Ayurveda help to get strong liver?

Yes, you can strengthen your liver with the regular use of Ayurvedic medicines. YakritNova capsules and syrup contain extracts of natural items. These ingredients are beneficial for Liver Care. These supplements combat fatty liver disease and other problems of the liver. You can consume this Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine for liver care daily because of its rich ingredients.

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